Live Q&A Session #2: Important steps to take when troubleshooting setups

Join us for the new monthly Live Q&A webinar series on 11-29-2022 at 12:30PM (ET) for session #2, with a brief discussion on the most importatn steps to take when troubleshooting setups.

In this new webinar series, RF Venue’s Senior Applications Engineer, Don Boomer answers your questions live about solving RF issues and setups for mics and IEMs.

Send us your questions when you register, but you don’t have to!

Thursday, November 29th at 12:30 PM (ET)

Tips and tricks to improve your wireless mics and IEMs

Be sure to join us on Thursday August 18th at 1:30 PM (ET) for our next live session: Tips and tricks to improve your wireless mics and IEMs.

Whether your system has some issues or is working trouble-free, we will be presenting some simple tricks that will improve your system’s reliability and sound quality.

If you have questions about your system, we will provide some time for Q&A at the end.

Thursday August 18th at 1:30 PM (ET)

RedNet Certification

Gain knowledge, recognition and access to an exclusive group of industry insiders

Focusrite Pro is proud to introduce a new training and certification program for Red, RedNet, and ISA solutions. This program is comprised of two courses: Core and Advanced. Each training is hosted live via Zoom, and each take approximately thirty minutes to complete, with a ten-minute test at the end. It’s a free course, available to select members of the audio community.


Credibility: The badge and certificate serves as a recognizable symbol of your knowledge in Audio-Over-IP solutions. Networking: Gain access to our exclusive Certified RedNet Users Group.

Next session: Monday, June 13th at 12pm PST

Audix Conferencing Microphones

Designing an AV-enabled conference room or classroom that truly delivers an in-person audio experience for all attendees starts with choosing the right microphones.

Audix brings spaces to life with powerful conferencing microphone solutions – and it all begins with understanding your space’s unique needs, choosing the right microphones for the application, and knowing how to integrate these microphones into the rest of the system.

We’ll cover:
– What we want and don’t want to hear in our conferencing spaces
– Key system considerations
– The Audix family of ceiling-mount solutions
– How to choose the right microphones for conference and collaborative settings
– Installation

Powersoft Training & Certification Program

Powersoft training offering enables sound engineers, integrators, and AV technicians to learn how to get the full advantage of deploying our technologies.

Get certified through our online classes, and deepen your knowledge of ArmoníaPlus and the whole Powersoft ecosystem.

The E-Learning platform is your one-stop destination for our homebrew online training.
Curated by our in-house experts, the courses grant access to a certificate and are accessible at any time.

Our series of online training sessions cater to anyone working in the professional audio market and will enable them to operate at the highest professional levels. The courses can be accessed from the dedicated E-Learning platform at any time and, once completed, will present the attendees with a certificate.

Powersoft Certification Program allows audio professionals, integrators, and manufacturer to hone their skills through a series of classes, both online and in-person, and acquire AVIXA CTS RU Points.

Past Events

Focusrite Group on Pro Audio in Education

Episode 3

Focusrite Group in Education is proud to present the third episode of its Pro Audio in Education Webinar Series, recorded live at Full Sail University during their annual Hall of Fame week.

Featuring an informative discussion with two of the audio industry’s most distinguished and seasoned professionals, students, teachers, and audio professionals alike will gain important career knowledge and insights from this conversation.

Hosted by Lee Whitmore (VP of Education, Focusrite Group) and joined by:

  • Rafa Sardina: 18-time GRAMMY and Latin GRAMMY winning producer, mixer, and engineer
  • Dr. Henry Panion: Stevie Wonder’s conducting arranger and Director of Technology at the University of Alabama at
  • Birmingham’s Department of Music
  • Dave Rieley: Mixing Engineer and North American sales manager for Focusrite Pro

Wednesday, April 20th at 6PM EDT / 3PM PDT

Ashly Applications Seminars

We want to announce a series of webinars that will focus on applications. We begin with a focus on the House of Worship (HOW) market. The trainer for these sessions is Bob Tamburri. These sessions are open to Reps, Dealers and Consultants.

Assessing HOW Sound System Requirements
Focus on considerations, requirements, best practices and avoiding common pitfalls for design and deployment of Church sound systems.

December 15th / Wednesday @ 45 minutes + Q&A

Ashly HOW Solutions
We will present several Ashly solutions and discuss where they fit best and how to maximize performance in HOW applications.

December 16th / Thursday @ 30 minutes + Q&A

How to set up an IEM system for your band

Join the team from RF Venue, December 15th at 11:30 AM (EST) for our next live session.

During this next training led by Don Boomer, he will explain how to set up an IEM system for your band. Addressing the common mistakes and how to eliminate them.

We will also provide time for Q&A at the end.

**Spots are limited so be sure to sign up today**

December 15th at 11:30 AM (EST)

Placing antennas for wireless microphones and in-ear monitors (IEMs)

During this 30 minute session presented by RF Venue Senior Applications Engineer Don Boomer, we will explain the best practices for placing antennas for wireless microphones and in-ear monitors (IEMs).

We will also provide time for Q&A at the end.

Spots are limited so be sure to sign up today

October 28th at 11:30 AM (EDT)