Black Lion Half Rack Mic PreAmps

The New Black Lion Audio B12AMKIII & B173MKII

We are pleased to announce the new Black Lion Audio B12AMKIII & B173MKII. Both feature a new look, a further improved build quality, a second Cinemag transformer and a lower price point. These single channel mic and instrument preamplifiers bring classic recording tones from the US and the UK in a half rack space at an affordable price.


Half-Rack Classic 1073-style British-Sound PreAmp

The B173MKII is a classic British 1073 style microphone and instrument preamplifier. In its newly designed chassis it boasts front panel input and output potentiometers to allow maximum tone control.

The front mounted HI-Z inputs is accompanied by a power control and indicator light as well as phantom power and phase reversal buttons.

At the heart of the B173MKII are 2 Cinemag transformers that maximize quality gain staging at the input and output.

The new B173MKII borrows its new circuit design from the B173 Quad preamp from Black Lion Audio. This further reduces the already low noise floor. On the back panel you’ll find the mic input, balanced TRS output, ground lug and jack for t and jack for the external power supply.

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Half-Rack 312A-style ‘American-Sound’ PreAmp

The B12AMKIII is a classic American style single channel mic and instrument preamplifier in a rack mountable half rack chassis.

It features Cinemag transformers on the inputs and outputs. In its newly styled body it has a front mounted instrument jack, buttons for phase, pad and phantom power along with a power switch, hi-z switch, gain controls and power indicators. The rear panel features mic input, balanced TRS output and ground.

The B12AMKIII utilizes an external power supply to minimize interference and maintain a low noise floor.

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